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October 18th(Clear)

The Meet was held at the "Hotel Kashima no Mori" in Karuizawa.

This place is the tennis court parking lot which is on the opposite side at the meeting place.

The participant is standing-by here until 10 a.m..

The reception desk scenery

Here, it was selling the ware of MGCC and so on, too.

The MGs gathered.

This time, there was not one MGF. One I expected that from seven to eight came but was in the parking lot only.

The opening ceremony

The T series, and J2, PA, and so on

It compares these cars and it is in the delightful one that it considers the evolution of the MG.


15 Midgets participated. It is a Midget with the beauty of all. :-)

The MGBs and RV8s

RV8 is entry in the MGB subdivision. Even though, all is beautiful. It is bad when not making my MGB, too, beautiful.


MGA is still beautiful. Actually, it is a graceful styling.

The MG saloons

Last year, it was ADO16 which participated only about two but this year, it participated in the crowd. :-)

At the parking lot(1)

It is made not to know with this car being permitted to have but I am said to be a name, ALVIS. This is said to be a very rare car.

At the parking lot(2)

TriumphTR3,Super7,MINI-MARCOS Besides, there were DINO246GT and red MARCOS, too.

At the parking lot(3)

These are the MGB of Mr. Katagi and the Maserati Guibli of his friend.

It is the racing version of PA.

It loads this car with the supercharger. It was to do the exhaust sound being which is terrible. According to the owner of this car, it was in the plate with J2 but saying that it is PA

It is the racing version of the MGB.

The trophy placed near the car to the full. It tells many victories of him.

The reveling began.

It seems that it is the flower viewing which is a scenic poem in the spring in Japan.

It is the tired and sleeping owner of RV8.

It will be to be tired in the long journey from Miyagi. OKAZ

The closing ceremony

It is the awarding of a contest.

Three or five MGs were awarded every subdivision.